The Red Cedar Black Economic Empowerment Business consists of six women from Wupperthal who were previously unemployed. They all live in Wupperthal or on one of the substations surrounding the mission station. Claudia lives the furthest away and walks 11 km to work every day. The possibility of a business opportunity for women, involving the processing of rooibos soap and related body products was announced in the local church in November 2003. A number of women applied to participate. In March 2004, Red Cedar started as a USAID funded project, with 12 participants. During the course of 2004 some of the women left the project but six of the initial participants decided to put shoulder to the wheel and established Red Cedar Cosmetics CC, a name suggested by Jessica. Their mission, worded by Gwen is to become the foremost Black Economic Empowerment producer of Rooibos based body products and cosmetics in South Africa. Linda, Anna and Christoline assisted in clinching a deal with the Moravian church in Germany to whom they regularly export. The Herrnhut Moravian Mission is the sole distributor of rooibos Red Cedar products in Germany.

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